Construction projects are naturally complex—you’re often managing multiple construction sites over a vast area, with different trades, heavy machinery, and stages of development in progress simultaneously. On top of that, you’re tasked with capturing and managing every invoice, every credit card receipt, every reimbursement and accurately coding each expense to the right cost code.  

Delays and inaccuracies are unacceptable, yet the process is riddled with manual tasks and inefficiencies. Ready for an easier way to manage invoices and expenses that drives efficiencies and eliminates manual errors?  

Join webinar to see why hh2 is the perfect expense and invoice management tool for your entire team. hh2's Document Flow gives you one place to capture, code, and route expenses, simplify the process for everyone and eliminating manual entry and manual errors.  

Addressing Key Pain Points:

  • Overcome the inefficiencies of paper-based systems with digital solutions accessible from anywhere.
  • Reduce the risk of errors and time spent on manual data entry with OCR technology.
  • Secure your financial processes against fraud with advanced verification and approval mechanisms.


  • Easy Flexible Capture Methods 
  • Customized and Automated Workflows
  • Accurate and Complete Cost Coding
  • Seamless ERP Integration

Ready for an easier way to manage your invoices, receipts, and reimbursements?  Sign up for our webinar and experience the hh2 difference.

We'll cover

Easy Flexible Capture Methods

Make it easy for everyone with simple, flexible tools to capture expenses, whether snapping pics of receipts on-the-go, automatically importing via email, bulk uploads from your desktop and more.

Customized and Automated Workflows

Eliminate bottlenecks by getting invoices to the right people at the right time with fully automated and streamlined approval workflows.

Accurate and Complete Cost Coding

Ensure expenses are accurately coded with field access to the latest jobs, codes, general expense accounts and departments within your accounting system.

Event Speakers

Britton Bauer
Director of Sales Engineering
Britton Bauer
Director of Sales Engineering

Britton is a high-energy construction technologist with deep ties to the construction industry. Coming from a family of contractors, Britton made the transition to construction tech in 2017 at hh2. He's an expert in expanse management & AP routing, along with time and attendance management for construction ERP customers. Britton has a passion for helping back-office and field operations eliminate costly errors. When he's not helping contractors run their businesses more efficiently, you'll find him with his family enjoying the great outdoors.

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