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North America is healthier than most

Investment Monitor cited new April 2022 figures from GlobalData, which indicate that the North American market is far healthier than many other regions of the world—at least in most construction sectors.

GlobalData’s Construction Project Momentum Index (CPMI) gives an assessment the construction project pipeline in all stages of development, ranking between -5 and 5. Even though no sector in the United States scores above a 1, five out of six sectors are listed as “better than most regions”. And overall, North America ranks 3rd in the world out of 11 regions.

This is an improvement over the last February’s numbers, which put North America in 5th place.

Despite only scoring a 1 in the highest sector, that’s a very good score compared to other sectors in other regions.

In order of which sectors are doing the best, Infrastructure scores a 1, Industrial a 0.89, Institutional 0.83, Residential 0.6, Energy and Utilities 0.49, and Commercial and Leisure is at 0.33. Of all of those, only Commercial and Leisure is listed as “worse than most regions”.

GlobalData’s press release said that North America is doing well and has jumped from 5th to 3rd due to its infrastructure strength.

China second in commercial and infrastructure

China ranks next highest, standing strong in commercial and infrastructure, but lacking in residential and industrial. The 2nd worst performing region is Eastern Europe which GlobalData attributes to the current war in Ukraine (Ukraine is scoring a -1.03).

The region in last place is Sub-Saharan Africa, which has an overall score of -0.24 for the entire region and is listed as “worse than most regions” in every sector.

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