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Need help adhering to construction compliance?

If you're in the construction industry, you know working with subcontractors constitutes a necessary part of doing business. But if you're not familiar with the laws and regulations surrounding subcontractor compliance, then you could be putting your business at risk.

Hiring scores of sub-contractors will produce hundreds of compliance documents that must be on hand for audits and inspections. Otherwise, your company could risk stalls in construction and exorbitant fines that can blow up your budget.

hh2 Document Flow helps ensure that your subcontractors adhere to compliance requirements. Your crews can stay on the job while you rest easy, knowing all compliance standards and certifications stand ready should an auditor pay a visit.

Put the onus of certification currency on subcontractors

hh2 Document Flow enables subcontractors to submit certifications through hh2’s vendor portal. You can access certifications as subcontractors submit them.

All-access to categorized compliance documents

Create certification categories such as general liability, safety, short-term insurance, and work certifications, all according to your company’s standards. Access certifications as you need them when accessing individual vendor information, when approving pay apps, as part of daily logs, and more. hh2 puts compliance documents at your fingertips wherever you work. Use any mobile device to check vendor compliance, whether it be out in the field, eye-to-eye with a vendor, or in the main office.

Stay current on compliance with timely notifications

hh2 Document Flow notifies you when certifications expire — this keeps you up to date on compliance. You can rapidly drill down to vendors associated with expired certificates to inform them to update their records.

Compliance data syncs in the cloud and the accounting server

hh2 syncs with your construction accounting system. This means all compliance documents flow seamlessly into your ERP as you and your vendors interact with hh2’s cloud-based solutions. With the multitude of subcontractors required for major construction projects, staying up to date on compliance doesn’t have to be a headache. hh2 Document Flow helps remove the risk of missed deadlines and exorbitant fines by automating compliance.

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