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Construction projects are naturally complex—you’re often managing multiple construction sites over a vast area, with different trades, heavy machinery, and stages of development in progress simultaneously. On top of that, you’re tasked with keeping track of the amount and types of hours worked for both in-office and field personnel.  

Accurate time tracking is crucial, as it informs how resources are allocated for your project and helps ensure you’re completing tasks on schedule and staying within your budget. Relying on manual time tracking methods, like pen and paper time sheets, can make this more challenging. It takes longer to collect, process, and understand how time impacts all your project's moving parts. Manual time tracking is also prone to human error.  

Fortunately, there’s a more efficient way of tracking time that also improves accuracy. Construction software enables you to code and track time and attendance in a way that works best for your company. It speeds up the time-tracking process, reduces wage theft and payroll fraud, and helps you better manage your labor, equipment, and worksites. 

Construction Time Tracking Software Benefits  

Advances in technology have changed how the construction industry tracks time, runs operations, and plans projects. Construction companies can now use industry-specific software to precisely track time across your organization, implement standardized cost codes, and more easily route time sheets to supervisors or payroll managers for approval. This streamlined approach offers your construction company many advantages, including: 

Enter and track time according to your company’s needs 

Your construction business has many moving parts, and you need a time tracking platform that adapts to work with you. Our construction payroll software gives you greater flexibility in how you enter, code, route, and approve hours. On-site crew members can use mobile timesheets on tablets or smartphones or mobile-connected punch clocks with geo-tags to log their hours easily and with greater accuracy. All of this can be done while back-office workers quickly log time with mobile devices or desktops.  

You have complete control over how you track time, including whether you log time by individual personnel or teams. With our software, you can easily view daily hours for multiple employees on the same screen and submit hours weekly. You can even choose to batch-enter hours for one or more workers using our record-based entry feature.  

Getting hours approved is just as simple with our custom approval paths. Choose to automatically route time sheets using role-based methods, like supervisors and payroll managers, or by authorizing specific users. How you enter, sort, and view your time and labor data is entirely up to you so that you can use the best methods for your construction company.  

Improve operating efficiencies  

Project managers rely on accurate, up-to-date information to plan and execute construction projects and measure their performance. Our software lets you quickly view time and labor data as projects progress to understand what project line items your crews are working on and what trades are active in each location—helping to assess labor usage and better manage your sites for optimal efficiency.  

Our time tracking software also integrates seamlessly with many construction accounting and ERP systems, so your business operations' accounting and financial elements flow just as smoothly. Tracking time and labor costs while projects are active prevents overrun and helps you stay within budget.  

Reduce time tracking mistakes and payroll fraud 

Humans aren’t machines; no matter how well-intentioned they are, mistakes happen while tracking time by hand. Time tracking errors can arise from problems like miscalculating complex payroll types, workers forgetting to sign in or out, or inaccurate time measurement. Our software makes your labor tracking and payroll processing accurate and clear.  

It also cuts down on employee-based fraud. Employee payroll fraud happens when workers pad their hours by signing into work before they’re on the job site or leave early without signing out first. They may also miscode or inflate regular work hours to receive overtime or weekend pay.  

With digitized time sheets and geo-tagged punch clocks, data is more transparent, allowing site superintendents and managers to monitor for fraudulent actions more easily. Payroll administrators can quickly compare coding and time data with work history to find inconsistencies or new work patterns.  

How to Use Time Tracking to Simplify Construction Projects 

 Time tracking and payroll software remove complexity and guesswork from the construction process, making your projects more manageable. Accurate time-keeping allows for greater efficiencies throughout your business, as demonstrated below. 

Easily assess productivity 

How many hours did your crew log for a specific task last week? Where are your trades currently working? With time tracking you can gain insight beyond the number of hours worked to truly understand your team’s productivity.   

You’ll see an in-depth view of the time it takes to complete tasks for different stages of your projects. Site superintendents and project managers can use this data to identify productivity trends across teams, trades, or projects, spot inefficiencies, and make adjustments much more effectively than if using paper time sheets.  

Enhance communication 

Keep all your project stakeholders informed and on the same page with access to real-time data on the progress of each construction project. Project managers, CFOs, payroll specialists, and field supervisors can view hours worked by teams or trades and see if you’re on track to meet your deadlines.  

Optimize project performance 

Better manage how you’re allocating labor, equipment, and other construction resources across various projects by tracking worker time and productivity. It connects your back office with real-time data from the field so they can make informed decisions while a project is in progress.   

Compare time and labor data against project timelines and budgets to find and fix bottlenecks to ensure you avoid delays. Or view your historical time data to optimize how you schedule and sequence construction work, which is critical for reducing costs and overruns. 

Improve future estimates 

Getting estimates right for future projects depends on having accurate, timely information about your current construction costs and schedule. By monitoring time and labor data, you’ll have a clear picture of how long it takes to complete similar tasks and phases of a new project and their associated expenses.   

Track Time and Attendance with Ease 

Simplify your construction projects by eliminating inefficient, error-prone paper time sheets and other time-tracking methods not designed for your industry. Instead, manage labor and hours through construction-specific mobile timesheets in our remote payroll software 

 With 20 years of construction industry experience, we know the tools and features needed to track time and attendance, manage payroll, and successfully run your construction projects. Our software allows you to sort, filter, and analyze labor, trades, and equipment hours to boost the efficiency of your workflows. 

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