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Let’s talk construction. Or listen, actually.

Etymology101: Ben Hammersly, a journalist, coined the word “podcast” in 2004 as a mashup of iPod + broadcast. To celebrate the term’s nearly 20th birthday, we offer a glimpse of construction content from the past two decades.

Construction industry influencers and contributors abound, making it challenging to hand-pick a subjective list of top podcasts. Regardless, we gave it a shot; we award two pod-thumbs up to the following podcasters.

Take a listen.Follow them. If you like, send us a few of your top picks to add to the list.

(Listed in no particular order.)

Build Better Podcast with Anastasia Barnes

Every other week, Anastasia Barnes of High-Profile Monthly interviews “the people behind the buildings.” This podcast focuses on pure AEC: architecture, engineering, and construction, emphasizing emerging technologies. @BuildBetterPod

The ConTech Crew

“Geek Out”with industry evangelists like (recently retired co-founder) James Benham (JBKnowledge),Jeff Sample (Ironman of IT), Rob McKinney (ConAppGuru), Josh Bone (BIM2theBone),and more. Over 300 episodes of technology-forward topics and guests. Plus, they bring you in on the fun. @TheConTechCrew

The Art of Construction

With its literal logo, The Art of Construction focuses on the business of construction, both residential and commercial. They describe themselves as “a global network of contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, designers, skilled tradespeople, scientists, technology experts, owners, entrepreneurs, and visionaries dedicated to learning, growing, and pioneering the best way forward for the construction industry and our planet.” @TheAOCPlatform

Construction Brothers

Hosts Eddie and Tyler Campbell know construction. Chock full of practical tips and tricks, the ‘bros’ feature “5 Minute Friday” episodes (in addition to longer episodes).They address specific pain points for contractors and builders. Check out their cleverly categorized “starter packs” to find topics you will love: @ConstructBros

The Construction Management Podcast

This show focuses on how to advance your career in construction management. The hosts share their experiences and bring in guests that add to their vision. NSFW warning: this podcast contains explicit language – meaning tons of good-natured cursing. Pop on the headphones if you’re not easily offended.


AGC ofAmerica’s monthly podcast covers relevant industry news, innovations, and highlights. In addition, episodes feature industry experts and contractors who discuss opportunities and challenges unique to construction—the OG of construction podcasts.


You can find these podcasts on iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify, or wherever you source your content.