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Historically, the construction industry adopts technology slowly, but some c.

Increasing numbers of builders use BIM to develop 3D models for design, construction, building operations, and maintenance. As a result, any construction project stakeholder can use 3D renderings to virtually walk through a job site, regardless of its development stage.

Clash detection and model-based estimating

Clash detection, another cutting-edge technology, works in tandem with BIM. It uses 3D modeling and artificial intelligence to find potential problems (clashes) and alert accountable designers or architects. This technology could save significant construction costs and reduce project delays.

BIM also offers model-based estimating. Design teams can use BIM information to almost instantly qualify material costs throughout design and development.

Reality capture and laser scanning

Reality capture and laser scanning, drones, and 360-degree cameras take complete snapshots of job sites. These images enable views of the project from any angle, at any time of day, at any development and construction stage.

Virtual reality snapshots can make up for the cost of imaging equipment by saving construction project dollars. As a result, contractors can better optimize work schedules, reduce change orders, enhance quality assurance, and provide safer working conditions.

Mobile field reporting

Superintendents can use mobile technology to maintain an ongoing, top-down view of the job site. They can walk the work area and follow construction progress. They can make notes and take photos, all data moving into the cloud for instant access by all project stakeholders.

An up-to-the-minute and comprehensive understanding of the job site can save hundreds of thousands of dollars. And as BIM technology advances, these savings will only increase.

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