Construction Time & Attendance Webinar

Construction Punch Clocks
The Good, Bad, Great, and Terrible

Uncover the Good, Bad, Great, and Terrible aspects of modern Punch Clock solutions - the key to efficiently tracking and reporting employee time.

Watch the Webinar

Jason Morrison, an expert in construction technology and employee management, will guide you through hh2’s Punch Clock solution, sharing insights and strategies to optimize your operations.

  • Transparency Throughout The Time Collection Process: Gain real-time insights into employee hours, tasks, and projects.

  • Eliminating Inefficiencies: Unveil the Bad and the Terrible in traditional Punch Clock approaches that bog down your operations.

  • Tailored Solutions: We’ll outline how hh2's approach stands out as the Great amidst the competition, simplifying manual process of tracking and reporting employee time.

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Time and Attendance Approval

Approve production hours anywhere, with any device.

Put time entries in front of every stakeholder up the management chain for sign-off.

  • Create custom time approval paths

  • Add as many stakeholders as you need

  • Assign active and passive approver roles

  • Sync everything with accounting

What Our Customers are Saying

“It's been five years, and payroll hasn't been the same. hh2 does 90% of the work for us. When I think back to the Stone Age, how we did payroll before, and I think about how payroll is now, I can't imagine having to do payroll without having hh2.”

Lorraine Searcy
Anchor 41 Construction