hh2 streamlines and automates gathering, approving, and reporting job-costed payroll data from remote job sites while syncing seamlessly with your accounting system. Submitting time and approvals with just a click of a button, along with the extensive reporting options built within the system, hh2 Remote Payroll is the answer to your payroll needs. In addition, we support mobile apps with all the features of our cloud-based system and a website that works from any device with a web browser.

We'll cover

Time and Attendance Approval

Approve production hours anywhere, with any device. Put time entries in front of every stakeholder up the management chain for sign-off.

Accounting Integration

Seamless Integration with your construction accounting system. Keep your data in sync with your accounting system, ensuring that every employee, job, and code is accurate.

Flexible Time Entry Methods

Enter time your way. Code and enter hours as an individual or for the whole crew all at once, with flexible options to fit your management style.

Event Speakers

Britton Bauer
Director of Sales Engineering
Britton Bauer
Director of Sales Engineering

Britton is a high-energy construction technologist with deep ties to the construction industry. Coming from a family of contractors, Britton made the transition to construction tech in 2017 at hh2. He's an expert in expanse management & AP routing, along with time and attendance management for construction ERP customers. Britton has a passion for helping back-office and field operations eliminate costly errors. When he's not helping contractors run their businesses more efficiently, you'll find him with his family enjoying the great outdoors.

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