Give your field teams the ability to punch time in and out with hh2’s Punch Clock. Watch live demonstration on how easy it is to capture time worked with this digital job site punch clock, as well as code information with each punch and route through your approval workflows. With Punch Clock, you determine to what degree punches are rounded, whether to enable GPS tagging or photo capture,  who has access to the punch clock feature and their permissions. In addition to Punch Clock, we’ll dive into the additional ways you can capture time with hh2—so you can use the method that works best for your needs.  

We'll cover

Seamless Time Tracking for Field Teams

See how hh2's Punch Clock streamlines time tracking on job sites, providing your field teams with an effortless solution to punch in and out digitally. Learn how this powerful tool simplifies the process, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in capturing hours worked.

Customizable Features for Precision

Discover how you can tailor time punches to your specific needs, from rounding preferences to enabling GPS tagging or photo capture. See firsthand how hh2 puts you in control, allowing for a personalized and precise time tracking experience.

End-to-End Workflow Integration

Uncover the power of hh2's Punch Clock as it seamlessly integrates with your ERP and accounting systems. Witness how coded information accompanying each punch effortlessly flows through your defined processes then into your ERP. Explore the holistic approach to time management on job sites and discover additional methods beyond Punch Clock to ensure your team adopts the most effective time tracking practices.

Event Speakers

Britton Bauer
Director of Sales Engineering
Britton Bauer
Director of Sales Engineering

Britton is a high-energy construction technologist with deep ties to the construction industry. Coming from a family of contractors, Britton made the transition to construction tech in 2017 at hh2. He's an expert in expanse management & AP routing, along with time and attendance management for construction ERP customers. Britton has a passion for helping back-office and field operations eliminate costly errors. When he's not helping contractors run their businesses more efficiently, you'll find him with his family enjoying the great outdoors.

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