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Construction projects typically have tight profit margins, meaning that even smaller elements like time tracking can significantly impact your bottom line. Traditional pen-and-paper time-keeping methods, which 80% of construction companies still use, are less structured, take longer to process, and are prone to human error.  

When every second of time entry counts towards your success or failure, you need a more accurate, efficient, and secure time-tracking solution. Using new technology and apps can improve your profit margins, even alongside increasing labor costs.  

Our construction punch clocks offer just that—a digital time entry and coding tool that’s easy to use and adaptable to your needs. Crew members, field superintendents, and office staff can accurately record and code their hours to streamline your time tracking and payroll processes for greater business success. 

Punch Clocks and Time-Keeping Methods 

Anyone who’s worked an hourly job is familiar with the punch clock—a small machine where you log in and out at the start and end of every shift. For a while, this traditional timekeeping method wasn’t evolving with the times, giving construction employees the opportunity to take advantage of the system. Workers may have asked another crew member to punch them in before they arrived or punch them out well after they left the job site.  

This type of fraud is eliminated with the newer punch clock technology available today. With hh2’s punch clock, individuals can only access their own accounts to punch in and out and can’t edit their punches without management approval. This feature prevents other workers from fraudulently recording time for others or themselves.  

hh2’s punch clock  

Our punch clock system is entirely digital. You can access it online or by using our free app on your mobile device. Construction crew members, in-field managers, and office staff can all use our punch clock to track their time and code their hours accurately in a few simple steps. Once users log into their account, they’ll see their name and photo, along with the date, time, and crew information.  

After hitting the ‘punch in’ button, workers can choose their appropriate coding from a customizable coding list. Coding options for pay type—regular hourly pay or overtime—job type, cost codes, and expense accounts are just a few of the available selections. We make it easy for you to align punch clock codes with your personnel needs and your existing ERP system so it will look identical to the time sheets you’ve previously used.  

Benefits management 

Along with reducing errors, preventing fraud, and being easy to use, our punch clock helps construction superintendents track and manage their crews in real-time. Site managers can quickly view which team members are on location and check individuals or entire crews in and out for the day. They can also check worker hours against their records and ensure workers use the correct codes.  

Great for all locations 

Our punch clocks are also useful out in the field where other punch clocks are unavailable or when it’s challenging to monitor the time and attendance of crew members who move between sites often. You can ensure accuracy and deter worker wage theft by using our GPS-tagged mobile time entry. So your site supervisors know that your crewmember is on site, not at the nearby coffee shop, when they log in to start their day.  

You can accurately track time with our mobile timesheets even when you’re in remote locations with no internet service or poor network coverage. Time data is saved until you can reconnect and sync your device.  

Punch clock cons 

While there are no major downsides to using our construction punch clocks, other time tracking methods may work better for your in-office construction employees. Our flexible solutions allow you to use more than one time entry method, so you can find the right approach to track and manage labor. 

Other time entry methods 

At hh2, we understand that you may want other time-keeping options for in-office departments and staff. This is why, in addition to our punch clocks, we offer web-based and mobile timesheets for construction. This industry-specific digital time card allows workers to log in and out from their preferred device. Use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to easily track hours worked.   

For office staff and other trusted employees who don’t require a punch clock, consider one of our options below to streamline your time entry process.  

  • Daily time entry: allows you to submit time for yourself or an entire crew each day 
  • Weekly time entry: mainly used for individual employees entering their own time, but can also be entered by managers 
  • Records-based: use your files to enter time for individuals or batch-submit hours for multiple employees at once 

Key Takeaways of Digital Time Keeping 

Whether using our construction punch clock or another time entry method, your construction company will benefit from a more accurate and streamlined approach that goes beyond time tracking.  

Greater transparency 

Our punch clocks make time and labor data more accessible, so key decision-makers gain insight into employee hours, individual tasks, and project progress to enhance construction operations and performance. With features like custom and unlimited routing approval methods, your back office is better connected with the field. You decide which members of your team can view and approve time sheets.  

Project managers and CFOs will benefit from passive approval, where they can view job costing data to track expenses, labor, and materials in real-time to help calculate project profitability. Or offer reporting views to other construction stakeholders, including executives and board members, so they have greater visibility into your time and labor data. 

Eliminate inefficiencies 

Switching to our punch clocks from paper time cards or spreadsheets will save your crews and payroll workers time and effort. Data from punch clocks automatically converts into timesheets that payroll administrators and managers can use to check, edit, and approve more efficiently. Use our custom approval methods to reduce bottlenecks in the payroll approval process while ensuring access to time tracking data for those who need it.  

Our time tracking and payroll solutions also easily integrate with other construction software so that you can simplify your accounting, job cost, and project management systems. 

Tailored solutions 

We offer multiple payroll solutions for tracking time and attendance, so you can use the method that works best for your construction business. Choose how you want employees to track time, who can access your data, and which roles or individuals have time-editing and payroll approval permissions. Our solutions ensure workers track time accurately and that data stays secure and is coded for compliance and easy approval. 

Punch Clocks: Time Entry Made Easy  

With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, hh2 understands the time and attendance struggles construction companies face. Our remote payroll solutions include construction punch clocks designed to streamline your time entry and payroll processes. Our software for contractors, by contractors, uses the latest technology to simplify time entry for construction workers and managers, reduce time tracking errors, and boost efficiency.

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