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Unit production worksheet

In the construction industry, unit production and percent completion need to be recorded for progress visibility. Why waste time returning to the office to access a desktop and logging in to your accounting system to record field data?

Now, field laborers can take complete control of their work in the field. The unit production worksheet in hh2 Field Reports allows laborers to access field reporting information where/when they need it.

Forecast, figure actual costs, and record percent completes

hh2 Field Reports unit production worksheet gives users the ability to enter vital field information from anywhere, any time—with solutions designed for the web and native apps for mobile devices. The unit production worksheet is the ideal tool for construction laborers who need to be able to forecast, figure actual costs, and record percent completes.

The easy-to-use worksheet gives laborers the ability to record data in real-time from the field with every job and cost code you need to get the job done.

The unit production worksheet can automatically calculate the percentage of complete cost codes by analyzing the unit production entered for each day, and users can easily complete their daily logs from anywhere. Users also can take full control and manually input percentage completes, giving the most accurate work-in-progress report available.

Value to construction companies

1. Available on web/mobile devices via native apps for iOS and Android

Users can record data out in the field, even when they aren’t connected to the internet, knowing that their information will sync automatically when connected.

2. Ability to manually record percentage completes

Not every workflow is identical. With the ability to manually enter percentage completes, you get an accurate snapshot of the work done on your project.

3. Integrates with accounting systems + hh2 Remote Payroll

In addition to seamless integration with your accounting system (including Sage Construction and Real Estate products, Viewpoint solutions, ComputerEase, Foundation, and Acumatica), hh2 Field Reports unit production worksheet syncs with hh2 Remote Payroll.

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