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Despite the recent growth of construction jobs, a labor shortage remains, especially among small contractors and businesses. In September, the National Federation of Independent Business reported that 51% of small business owners couldn't fill job openings, more than double the 22% historical average.

However, technology may be stepping in to ease the labor shortage burden. For example, Bridgit, a workforce intelligence construction technology firm, offers software that optimizes workforce management and workflow.

"As we make the rate of tech adoption across real estate more like the pace of advancement within consumer electronics, there will be substantial impacts across the economy," said Mitchell Schear, executive partner at Camber Creek. This venture capital firm recently co-led the Series B round for Bridgit. "This will lead to cost savings in housing, safer construction worksites, and more environmentally friendly buildings."

By collecting workforce data, including skills, experience, certifications, project histories, and more, Bridget can effectively allocate limited workforce resources to the most pressing jobs.

Similarly, hh2 Cloud Services disrupts payroll management with a cloud-based mobile-friendly software solution that allows supervisors and job site managers to record worked hours daily, weekly, or according to job codes.

"hh2 Remote Payroll eliminates the need to track time with pen and paper or Excel spread sheets. Our solution makes the whole process mobile. Remote Payroll draws information, including jobs, codes, and employee data from the company's accounting system and enables supervisors to enter and code time for their entire crews with up-to-the-minute information," said Kevin Hadley, VP of Sales at hh2 Cloud Services.

Streamlining the record-keeping process and removing paper from the equation saves time and frustration on the worksite; it allows managers to better allocate their workforce based on project priorities.

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